Around the Bay: Ride your way 100km Frankston return Sunday 7 October 2018




Don’t forget the Sunday 7 October 2018!

Ride your way past icons of Melbourne, past famous sea baths and coastal bike paths, waving to people fishing from the pier before you finish with a cheer.

The 100km Frankston return ride starts in Melbourne and heads along the iconic Beach Road to Frankston before making it’s way back to the finish line in Melbourne.

Over the total ride you will gain only 300 metres of elevation. The longest ‘climb’ is out of Ricketts Point, which lasts two kilometres and only reaches a gradient of 1% (that’s one metre of climbing for 100 metres of forward movement).



What’s included?

Full route, medical and mechanical support

A medal for anyone who crosses the finish line

An unforgettable day out, getting active and creating lifelong memories

Our Super rest stop (in Frankston) is the perfect place to refuel and recharge during your ride, includes a food buffet with an array of snacks like fruit, lollies, chocolate, pretzels, banana bread and fluid for your hydration needs.


Contact us :

Chair:              Peter Liefman             0418 992 525

Secretary:        Rhys Thomas          0400 886 072



1 thought on “Around the Bay: Ride your way 100km Frankston return Sunday 7 October 2018

  1. A ride to Lorne this morning with some mates,this pic a Pinnarello ‘Nytro’ that he has just taken delivery of.A very nice E Bike claimed weight of13kg but to me felt a lot heavier!And a little under $10k!safe riding. Tony S


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