Bulletin – March 2018 – Bicycle Lane Filtering

Reproduced from a newsletter article by Bicycle Network Victoria

1/3/2018     Melbourne crash causes confusion – You tube video (below)

The online, morning show and talkback debate raged about who was at fault and (unsurprisingly) whether bike rego was needed. Before we start appropriating blame and fault, our key concern should always be for all people involved in the crash. Media stories failed to report on whether the pedestrian or the bike rider was hurt, but we hope both are ok and didn’t sustain any serious injuries.

The crash – The issue of bicycle lane-filtering

According to Alice Lau from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, there is no specific road rule in Victoria allowing bicycle lane filtering, as there is for motorcycles.

In the absence of a road rule allowing bicycle lane filtering, other road rules still apply. So, in the case of this crash, we need to take a closer look at whether any other road rules have been broken.

Ms Lau highlighted that bike riders are allowed to overtake to the left of vehicles and to the right of vehicles unless those vehicles are turning.

However, the Victorian road rules also say that bike riders (as with any other drivers) are required to travel so that their vehicle is completely within the lane markings, unless they are changing lanes.

The issue is complicated further by a bicycle lane on the far side of the road. According to the road rules, bike riders must use a bike lane if there is one, unless it is not a practical option – for example, if the lane is blocked by a branch.

Similarly, if there is a bike box marked at an intersection, bike riders must use the bike lane to enter the bike box until that is not a practical option.

So Ms Lau concluded that the person riding the bike in the video should not have been travelling between two rows of stationary cars in that fashion given that there is a bike lane, and bicycle lane filtering is not expressly allowed.

According to the video footage, it appears that the man was within 20 metres of a signalised pedestrian crossing which means that he should not have crossed the road where he did.

It is important that pedestrians look out for their own safety as they do not always have right of way. Pedestrians only have right of way in limited circumstances, for example at pedestrian crossings, intersections, driveways or special shared zones.

Fault is not clear cut

Under the road rules as they stand, there’s no simple answer to show who is definitely in the wrong when it comes to this crash.

Ms Lau said that the footage appears to show that both the person riding the bike and the elderly man crossing the road have broken the road rules.

A safe systems approach to road safety accepts that humans mistakes. The best way to prevent crashes such as this one is to take care on the roads, and design and build a transport system that will protect road users.

We’re lucky the results weren’t worse.


Bicycle Network members receive free consultation with Maurice Blackburn Lawyers if they are involved in an incident and need legal support. Click here to see more about Bicycle Network membership.


Supporting Soldier On Events & Programs

VetRide support and encourage all programs and events that are aimed at providing an opportunity for current and ex-serving national security personnel to meet with like-minded people to enjoy social and sporting avenues.

Soldier On’s mission is to work side by side with those who serve and protect Australia, and their families, HELPing them to secure their futures.


VetRide would like to share Soldier On’s events and programs as per below:



St Kilda Football Club

St Kilda Football Club have kindly invited Soldier On participants to take part in there Community Camp in February. This will be held on Tuesday 13th February, 1.15pm to 2.15pm.

Further details will follow once confirmed, however if you would like to express interest in this event please email vic@soldieron.org.au.



Last Wednesday Soldier On hosted it’s first and very successful Spouses Morning Tea! We had 22 adults, only 6 of who had been involved with Soldier On before, and 8 children attended the morning tea.

The event allowed spouses to come together and chat about their shared experience in a relaxed environment. Two topics they have discussed in detail were employment and education opportunities, which Soldier On staff were only happy to assist with.

We look forward to hosting more Spouses Morning Teas in the future. For more information about upcoming events head to Soldier On Calendar



Kilmore RSL invite all current and ex-serving national security personnel, their spouses and/or carers to attend their monthly coffee catch up.

This is held on the 1st Wednesday of every month at the Kilmore Memorial Hall, 14 Sydney Street, Kilmore VIC 3764.

The coffee catch up runs from 10am until 12pm.



Gippsland Wellbeing Catch Up

The Gippsland Wellbeing Catch Up for current and ex-serving national security personnel will be held at the Drouin RSL, 136 Princes Highway, Drouin on Thursday 25th January, from 7pm til 9pm.

You don’t need to be suffering from a mental illness or injury to attend these catch up’s. This is designed to be a group of like-minded people getting together to support one another. It is a great platform for building networks and to pick up some very helpful information along the way.

Future meeting dates are as follows:

  • Thursday 22nd February
  • Thursday 22nd March and
  • Thursday 19th April

For further information please email ben.vahland@gmail.com.


VVCS Group Programs

Mastering Anxiety – Veterans, Partners & Families

10 Session program, Melbourne

Thursday evenings, 8th February through to 12th April from 6pm to 8pm

Mastering Anxiety is an educational and skills based group program assisting participants to better understand anxiety and factors that maintain it. The program aims to promote a sense of wellbeing through developing strategies to reduce anxiety and associated stress.


Communication and Conflict Resolution – Veterans, Partners & Families

3 Day Workshop, Melbourne

Wednesday 21st February to Friday 23rd February from 9.30am to 4pm

The communication and conflict resolution program is an interactive psycho-educational and skills based group program designed to assist individuals to understand the nature of communication and conflict problems, and to provide participants with strategies and skills for managing communication and conflict.


Sleeping Better – Veterans, Partners & Families

2 Day Workshop, Melbourne

Thursday 22nd March to Friday 23rd March from 9.30am to 4pm

Sleeping better is an educational and skills based group assisting participants to understand the sleep process and learn ways to reduce or eliminate factors detrimental to sleep and to introduce or enhance those beneficial to sleep.


Beating the Blues – Veterans, Partners & Families

2 Day Workshop, Wodonga

Thursday 8th March to Friday 9th March from 9.30am to 4pm

Beating the blues is an educational and skills based group program assisting participants to understand the situations and thinking patterns that can contribute to depression, and to develop strategies to manage depression symptoms more effectively.

For more information on VVCS groups please visit www.vvcs.gov.au.


If you have any questions or would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact me or email vic@soldieron.org.au to register for activities and events.

Kind Regards,

Rachel Byron 

Program Officer



Gregory Sher Reintegration & Recovery Centre

Mayfair House, 351 Royal Parade, Parkville, VIC 3052                                                   Direct: +61 2 6188 6161


Last chance to buy the Flying Poppy Jersey!

Due to popular demand for the Flying Poppy jersey and  for the complete outfit of jersey and knicks,

VetRide will be placing only one further order in the next two weeks!

Jerseys and knicks $45 each

Jersey / knicks combo $80  

Orders must be in by COB Friday 23rd February, 2018 – Payment details below image.


Payment options:

  1. Cheque – send a cheque to our Secretary David Price, VetRide c/- Greensborough RSL, 111 Main St, Greensborough VIC 3088
  2. EFT via our VetRide account:

BSB: 633 000

AC:   161376645


Please ensure you contact VetRide with details of your order: email vetride@vvaavic.org.au  or include with cheque.

Flyer attached:  Flying Poppy Jersey Flyer

About VetRide

VetRide is an organization dedicated through cycling to the welfare of all service and ex-service personnel of the Australian Defence Forces. At the same time it provides something meaningful older veterans can do for their younger compatriots, consistent with closely held values they held in uniform.

Our endeavours are supported widely by government agencies and by many organizations and people from all walks of life.

If you are interested in participating or volunteering – please  click here for contact details

Peter Liefman

VetRide Group Chair



Bulletin – February 2018 – VetRide Queensland visit







Between 21st February and 2nd March we will be graced by the presence of some of our fellow riders from Queensland.

They are coming south to ride a number of our rail trails, including:

  • Beechworth to Bright (71k)
  • Mansfield to Alexandra (74k)
  • Alexandra to Tallarook (74k)
  • Phillip Island to Wonthaggi (43k)
  • Leongatha to Port Welshpool (74k)
  • Traralgon to Stratford (63k)
  • Bairnsdale to Nowa Nowa (58k)
  • Nowa Nowa to Marlo (55k)

Before the Wonthaggi ride on Sunday 25 February, the banana benders will have a morning visit to the National Vietnam Veterans Museum at Phillip Island. The visit to the Museum is where we cabbage patchers can welcome our fellow riders from the deep North and you are invited to be there for morning tea at 11 am ($7 per head). If you would also like the opportunity to have a look at the Museum they have generously offered to discount the entry fee by 50% to $5. See further details here: https://www.vietnamvetsmuseum.org/

Please contact us if you would like to join us at the Museum and if you intend doing any of the rides.

Whilst we will not be providing transport or accommodation, we will have the highly rated coffee cart and our sag wagon / bike trailer available.

Peter Liefman

VetRide Chair

Bulletin – October 2017




Electrolyte Replacement Supplements

By now you’re training for this event has begun, your bike is in good working order and preparation of your on and off the bike equipment is well underway.

The list of items that we recommended you bring included powdered form Gatorade or similar, however you may like to know why it was included.

Perspiration (women !) or sweat (men !) causes the loss of water, but also other necessary substances called electrolytes. Dissolved in your body, they enable electric conduction, that in simple terms is important for nerve and muscle function.

You will see that there is some debate about the relative benefits of the various products on the market and although drinks like Powerade and Gatorade are used a lot, their sugar (carb) content does not appeal to everyone. Lower levels of carbohydrate are also sometimes preferred and there are dis-solvable tablets made by companies such as GU, Nunn and High5Zero that are popular.





You can also go to a pharmacy and buy products like hydralyte or gastrolyte that are normally sold to those who have electrolytic imbalance caused by dehydration and illnesses like gastroenteritis, some forms of cancer and renal disease.






For more detailed information about this subject please refer to the Australian Sports Commission and the AIS website: https://www.ausport.gov.au/ais/about or view document here: AIS_Electrolyte_Fact Sheet_October 2017

For further information and networking with other VetRiders please join us at our Facebook page (like/share and follow us!):  VetRide Facebook Page


Bulletin – September 2017 – GVBR Ride Update

The VetRide theme for the Great Victorian Bike Ride is World War 1 and the Western Front.

Whilst the events of 1917 are beyond living memory for anyone much younger than 90, they still have significance, one hundred years after the horrors of that time brought about the loss and shattering of so many lives.

For further information see eg, ‘The Third Battle of Ypres (31 July – 10 November 1917), which has come to symbolise the horrors associated with the war on the Western Front. It is frequently known by the name of the village where it culminated – Passchendaele.’

The VetRide GVBR 2017 Event Jersey

The Flanders Fields Remembrance Day Poppy – flowering in the spring of 1915 on the battlefields of Belgium, France and Gallipoli this vivid red flower has become synonymous with great loss of life in war.

The armbands – two of the colour patches for the ‘1st Anzac Cyclist Battalion AIF’. The cyclist battalions were organised like infantry, with four companies of four platoons. When II ANZAC became XXII Corps in 1917, the Australian cyclists of the 2nd Cyclist Battalion returned to the Australian Corps as reinforcements.  – ‘A century afterwards, they ride again …on you ! ’









The ride starts from scenic Tidal River, where you will soak up the natural and unspoiled beauty of Ninety Mile Beach, before cycling through South Gippsland to the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. The itinerary is:

  • Sat 25 Nov    | Day 1: Wilsons Prom.
  • Sun 26 Nov  | Day 2: Wilsons Prom – Foster (60km)
  • Mon 27 Nov | Day 3: Foster – Yarram (69km)
  • Tues 28 Nov| Day 4: Yarram – Seaspray (90km)
  • Wed 29 Nov | Day 5: Seaspray – Bairnsdale (109km)
  • Thu 30 Nov  | Day 6: Bairnsdale (rest day)
  • Fri 1 Dec        | Day 7: Bairnsdale – Maffra (84km)
  • Sat 2 Dec       | Day 8: Maffra – Glengarry (77km)
  • Sun 3 Dec     | Day 9: Glengarry – Trafalgar (50km).

A number of the members of our Planning Group will be participating in this ride, so as to provide support and ongoing advice you may need during the event.

There are about 4000 riders of varying experience on the road each day and for reasons of safety and a more enjoyable ride, it is important that we act as a team. One of the members of our Planning Group will act as a leader each day and the expectation is that you will look after your team mates and share the responsibility for everyone’s wellbeing.

Further information can be found here:

VetRide GVBR 2017 Entry and Declaration

VetRide GVBR – Letter to Riders

Or on our page: https://vetride.org/great-victorian-bike-ride-nov-2017/

Look forward to seeing you!





VetRide is excited to announce a second event in 2017!!




Exciting news for our service and ex-service personnel of the Australian Defence Forces!

As our second event for 2017 (following the extremely successful VetRide Kilcunda 2017 – Bass Coast Beach and Bike in March 2017), VetRide is sponsoring a team for this year’s Great Victorian Bike Ride (GVBR).

Beginning on Saturday 25 November, this year’s RACV event will be a fun filled, friendly and challenging camping holiday. Explore some beautiful Victorian countryside whilst riding with lots of other enthusiastic bike riders; and being part of our team will also help bring awareness to others, about what it is to be a veteran.

The ride starts from scenic Tidal River, where you will soak up the natural and unspoiled beauty of Ninety Mile Beach, before cycling through South Gippsland to the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. The itinerary is:

  • Sat 25 Nov | Day 1: Wilsons Prom.
  • Sun 26 Nov | Day 2: Wilsons Prom – Foster (60km)
  • Mon 27 Nov | Day 3: Foster – Yarram (69km)
  • Tues 28 Nov | Day 4: Yarram – Seaspray (90km)
  • Wed 29 Nov | Day 5: Seaspray – Bairnsdale (109km)
  • Thu 30 Nov | Day 6: Bairnsdale (rest day)
  • Fri 1 Dec | Day 7: Bairnsdale – Maffra (84km)
  • Sat 2 Dec | Day 8: Maffra – Glengarry (77km)
  • Sun 3 Dec | Day 9: Glengarry – Trafalgar (50km).

Bicycle Network have generously offered to support those riders who enter as part of our group and special arrangements will be made to better accommodate our needs. As entry to the event includes all meals, as well as on and off-road support, VetRide will not duplicate these services, however we will be able to assist with transport and we will organise for our service trailer to be in attendance at the start and end of the event.

Further information about the event itself may be found on the Bicycle Victoria website and enquiries should be directed to members of our planning committee, some of whom have participated in the past, including David our Secretary, Steve our Ride Director and myself.  Further details can be found here: VetRide – Bicycle Network – GVBR

Or contact VetRide or Bicycle Network directly:

Group Chair: Peter Liefman
Email: liefman1948@gmail.com
Mobile: 0418 992 525
Secretary: David Price
Email: drctprice@optusnet.com.au
Mobile: 0413 885 000

Bicycle Network
Phone:  (03) 8376 8888
Freecall: 1800 639 634
PO Box 24013, Melbourne VIC 3001

Look forward to seeing you there!!


VetRide Kilcunda 2017 – Route Details

VetRide Kilcunda 2017 Bass Coast Beach and Bike starts Thursday 2nd March 2017 a and ends Monday 6th March 2017 –  the ride will be based in Kilcunda and utilise the Bass Coast Hills and Rail Trail.


Check in: Thursday 2nd March 2017

Rides:        Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th,

Depart:      Monday 6th March 2017

Format: return to base

Rides: Bass Coast Hills and Rail Trail


Route details can be found here:

VetRide Kilcunda 2017 – Vietnam Veterans Museum 16k ride

VetRide Kilcunda 2017 8.9k ride – RailTrail Mouth of the Powllet River Return

VetRide Kilcunda 2017 12.5 K Ridge Road ride

VetRide Kilcunda 2017 61.1k RoadRide

VetRide Kilcunda 2017 29.7 K ride

VetRide Kilcunda 2017 40.7 K ride

VetRide Kilcunda 2017 19.2 K ride

VetRide Kilcunda 2017 92.3 Road Ride

VetRide Kilcunda 2017 68.3 km RoadRide

VetRide Kilcunda 2017 28K – RailTrail Kilcunda – Wonthaggi – Kilcunda


The Kilcunda Oceanview Holiday Resort is located on the beachfront, with the Kilcunda Pub and Cafe / General Store across the road.

The Resort has a Recreation Centre and communal kitchen, BBQs and dining areas, adjacent to which is a large concreted area suitable for our VetRide service and bike trailers.   


Oceanview Holiday Resort

3560 Bass Highway, Kilcunda VIC 3995

03 5678 7260 www.kilcundaoceanview.com.au

More Information can be found here:

Accomodation and Surrounding Areas
Event Program
Sign Up Now

Pre-event Bulletin – Event Program

Pre-event Bulletin


This years VetRide cycling event will be conducted over four days, based at the Kilcunda Oceanview Holiday Retreat, 3560 Bass Highway, Kilcunda VIC 3995. (03) 5678 7260

The ride will be conducted in accordance with the Road Management Act Code of Practice and Road Safety (Traffic Management) Regulations and Australian Standards, in consultation with the Bass Coast Shire Council and local Police and Ambulance services.

The VVAA is a community based veteran’s welfare organisation, whose aim with VetRide 2017, is to sponsor a cycling event for the enjoyment and welfare of war veterans, their families and those who wish to support veterans.



The Bass Coast area is ideally located, offering both beachside rail trail riding and road cycling in the hinterland.


Thursday 2th March

VetRide Kilcunda 2017 will be open for check in at the Kilcunda Oceanview Retreat.

The opening and official welcome will be conducted at the National Vietnam Veterans Museum (NVVM) by the curator, Mr John Methven OAM.

The evening meal will be provided at the NVVM. Details of the National Vietnam Veterans Museum (NVVM) can be found here: https://www.vietnamvetsmuseum.org/

Participants will be invited to ride from the venue at Kilcunda to the Museum and return transport to Kilcunda will be provided for participants and their bikes.  


Friday 3rd March

7.30 am            Breakfast at Kilcunda

8.30 am            VetRide Administration open

9.00 am            Rides depart

** Self-serve lunch available at the venue


Saturday 4th March

7.00 am            Breakfast at Kilcunda

8.00 am            VetRide Administration open

8.30 am            Rides depart (Road Stages*)

*Riders have the option of completing one or more stages with return to venue transport available at the end of each stage. 

12.00 to 1.00 pm       Lunch will be provided at Loch


Sunday 5th March

7.30 am            Breakfast at Kilcunda

8.30 am            VetRide Administration open

9.00 am            Rides depart

** Self-serve lunch available at the venue

Evening meal will be provided at The Old Dalyston Deli 


Monday 6th March

8.00 am            Breakfast at Kilcunda and Closure of event


Our ride director Steve Masters has ridden and mapped some road rides, that offer the best that the Bass Coast area has to offer, including a challenging (stages) based ride on the Saturday.    

The rail trail between San Remo and Wonthaggi is easily accessed, as it runs past the Oceanview Retreat and another two trails that are located within reasonable driving distance.


On behalf of the VetRide team we look forward to welcoming you to ‘Killy’.  


Peter Liefman

VetRide Chair