Committee Meeting

Minutes of Meeting – 01 March 2019

Open Meeting & Welcome


Peter Liefman (President), Paul Beraldo (Vice-President), Rhys Thomas (Secretary, part meeting), John Aldenhoven (Treasurer), Gerry Turner (Assistant Secretary), Steve Masters (Ride Director), Roger Green, Lee Webb, Darren Smith.


John Molina, Darren Thomas

Minutes from Previous Meeting (6th October 2018)

Motion:  Moved: S Masters & Seconded: R Greene: “That the Minutes of the Committee Meeting 6th October 2018 be approved” – CARRIED

Business Arising from Previous Meeting (6th October 2018)

Acquittal of funds relating to the Centenary of Armistice VetRide Grant. Action:  John Aldenhoven & Peter Liefman

‘RSL Active’ debt (outstanding entry fees) relating to the ‘Centenary of Armistice’ ride held on 10 Nov ’18. Action:  Lee Webb to follow-up with RSL contacts.

Business Arising from Annual General Meeting (23 November 2018)

Membership Policy

The Committee considered the proposals and recommendations set-out in the Policy Paper prepared by the Assistant Secretary.

Following discussion the committee agreed to with the proposal to set a ‘one off’ joining fee of $30.00 and not to refer to it as a ‘Perpetual Membership Fee’, The Committee agreed that no annual membership fee would be payable for 2019 and that future AGM’s would determine whether or not annual membership fees would be applied.

Motion: Moved: G Turner & Seconded: D Smith: “That the Committee adopt the proposals set out in the Policy Paper with the amendment that the fee of $30.00 be referred to as a Joining Fee and that the no annual membership fee be applied in 2019”– CARRIED

Action:  Gerry Turner (to amend the Policy Statement & update the Membership Application Form)

Correspondence In / Out


Certificate of Incorporation

Deductible Gift Recipient Certificate



General Business

VetRide Webpage

Darren Smith outlined the initial actions he had taken to set-up the existing webpage to provide access to the Secretary and President. Darren indicated that he planned to rebuild the site and sort out the hosting arrangements.  He also indicated that could likely oversee the administration of the website when he is posted overseas from May onwards.  He stressed the need for Committee Executive to become familiar with the operation of the site.   Ongoing Action:  Darren Smith

Darren further advised that previous invoices relating to site hosting would be most helpful. Action:  Peter Liefman

Warburton VetRide

Peter Liefman outlined tentative plans to conduct the next major 3 day riding event in the Warburton area in March 2020.

Paul Beraldo suggested Mt Bulla as an alternative location for the March 2020 event and that the Warburton ride be bought forward to November this year.

Motion: Moved: Paul Beraldo & Seconded: Lee Webb “That the next 3 day VetRide be held in the Warburton area in November 2019 and the following ride to be held in the Mt Bulla/ Mansfield area in March 2020, subject to the availability of suitable accommodation and logistical support” – CARRIED    Action:  Steve Masters & Peter Liefman

The Committee agreed that a budget of $5000 be set for the Warburton ride.

VetRide Jersey

Steve Masters suggested consideration be given to investigating a generic ongoing jersey for use on all future rides. Action:  Steve Masters

Five Year Plan

The Committee discussed the desirability of developing a clear direction for future operations of VetRide and agreed the need to prepare a ‘Five Year Plan’ that would address funding, major activities, marketing & promotion, social media presence and recruitment. Action:  Peter Liefman, Gerry Turner & Darren Smith   Target Date: by next Annual General Meeting

Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Administration

The Committee discussed the need to:

an official receipt book (for donations) that is compliant with ATO requirements for tax deductibility. Action:  John Aldenhoven & Rhys Thomas

include DGR status and ABN on all VetRide electronic letterheads, forms, publicity materials and webpage. Action:  Rhys Thomas & Gerry Turner

Next Meeting Wednesday 1st May 2019 at 7:30 am. –  Four Beans Café, Northcote


Close Meeting – Meeting Closed at 9.30 am


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