BikeRide Supporters

VetRide greatly appreciates the support of the following private organisations for past contributions:


DVA logoThe Commonwealth Department of Veterans Affairs



The Victorian Veterans Council

The Victorian Veterans Council is an independent statutory body established in 2006 under the Veterans Act 2005. The Council plays an important role supporting Victoria’s veterans and reporting directly to the Premier on issues affecting the Victorian community. In addition to advising the Premier, the Council distributes the ANZAC Day Proceeds Fund and the new Victorian Veterans Fund. It also advises the Minister for Consumer Affairs on specific matters relating to the regulation of patriotic funds.

tebbs canvas

Tebbs Canvas Products

Tebb’s Canvas Products manufacture awning walls and annexes to order…With your choice of horizontal striped canvas (2 colours), vertical striped canvas (17 colours), grey with burgundy, black, charcoal or navy highlights, and shadecloth (5 colors [to suit rollout awnings]). Find us at: Tebbs Canvas Products

melro  Melro

We proudly manufacture a big range of high quality plastic products for many different industries. For domestic applications, Melro branded water tanks are readily available at major plumbing and hardware retailers throughout Victoria. Additionally, we have extensive expertise with complex industrial installations and fabrications, and make plastic products and components for innumerable industries from biomedical through to agricultural. Find us at: Melro

Dometic RV centre Dometic RV Centre

Supplying the caravan, motor home, marine, automotive and truck markets, Dometic Group are the customer driven world-leader.

With a complete range of innovative designs in all areas, such as air conditioners, cookers, sanitation systems, lighting, mobile power equipment, comfort – and safety solutions, windows, doors and other equipment, making your travel experience more comfortable away from home. Find us at: Dometic RV Centre

beraldoBeraldo Coffee

Your first choice destination for quality coffee – spend a quarter of a century everyday in the company of coffee beans and like Beraldo’s Master Roaster, you’ll have a personal relationship with every bean. We roast your coffee one bean at a time.

22 High Street, Northcote, Victoria 3070


peter meehanPeter Meehan Corporate Communications

Peter Meehan is a journalist, broadcaster and former state and national representative racing cyclist and private pilot. He came to prominence in Melbourne during the 1980s and 90s as a breakfast radio host. Website:

adccThe Australian Defence Cycling Club

The Australian Defence Cycling Club (ADCC) was established in 2004/5 to promote cycling within Defence. The club is affiliated with both Cycling Australia (road) and Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA). The club currently has around 280 members and ADCC members have competed in some of Australia’s most important bike races in all disciplines.


camp systemChampion System Australia

We specialise in supplying custom cycling, triathlon and general sports clothing of the highest quality.

 thuleThule Australia

42 Dickson Avenue

Artarmon NSW 2064


velogearBayswater Cycles

Bruce Rademaker Proprietor
Bayswater Cycles
687 Mountain Highway Bayswater

Thank you once again to Velogear for the donation of some compression garments. Please see the link below and Velogear say: ‘Whilst it is mainly the younger generation that uses compression gear, for recovery and sporting purposes, plus for fashion reasons, it is actually a product that should more be directed at the older population. Compression garments accelerate blood flow, which helps you work harder for longer and helps with recovery, as great tool to have when you’re getting older. As you get older you are more prone to injuries, compression garments can also help and prevent those injuries from happening. Website:


Chamois-Buttr-Logo-jpg5-300x187Chamois Butt’r®

Ride Harder, Longer, Faster…Without Discomfort!

Don’t be let down on your ride with something as basic as rubbing and chaffing that can easily be prevented. Chamois Butt’r® immediately improves riding comfort, soothes and softens already chaffed skin and is specifically recommended for women because it doesn’t contain tea tree oil or menthol. Chamois Butt’r® comes in a variety of packaging and sizes. Look for your local dealer or online shop at

buhbumpBuh Bump

Buh Bump Heart Rate Monitor Electrode Cream provides a positive connection between your skin and HRM. Buh Bump takes the guessing out of your HRM readings, guarantees consistent and accurate readings and is “better than spit”!

Web-no-WWW-600x150MapSport Cartographic

Custom biz, recreation and tourist maps for internet or print. OCAD cartography software. Personalised racer bibs.

Ken Dowling

Ph:         03 5348 3792




Badges, Medallions, Trophies, School awards and corporate badges.
Contact us, we pride ourselves on providing Service and Quality Product.

At Ebadges we design, manufacture and supply a wide range of Custom Made Metal Products and Accessories, individually tailored to your specific requirements. Our extensive range of custom metal products includes: 
Medals, Enamel badges, Keyrings, Enamel Lapel pins, Tie Pins, Cufflinks, Flags pins, School Badges, Button badges, Metal Tags, Belt Buckles, Corporate Awards, Plaques, Name badges, Car Club Badges, Uniform Buttons

Phone: (03) 9729 3744


web site:

Factory 6, 8 Kearney St,
Victoria – 3153

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