VetRide – Bulletin No. 3, February 2016

The 2016 Service and Sacrifice bike ride is committed to road safety. All participants in support of Veterans, will at all times demonstrate ethical riding practices to enable a harmonious and safe co-existence with all road users on the route from Seymour to Canberra.


If you would like to show your support for the service and sacrifice of the Defence forces of Australia, then please join our ride; and if you are a veteran from any era, a member or ex-member of ADF, then cycling is a great way to revisit the comradeship experienced in uniform.


If you can’t manage the time away from work for the week, then you are also welcome to join us for the final morning ride and event closing ceremony, at the Old Parliament House in Canberra, on Sunday 20th March .


Only a month and a bit to go before VetRide 2016 kicks off, however it’s not too late to register, if you are quick.


‘Its not all about the bike , its all about the journey on the bike’


Peter Liefman

Group Chair


Ps     The change in the head of the Australian Government also meant that VetRide lost the Prime Minister as our Patron , however Mr Abbott has maintained his personal support for our event . He is seen here with Paul Beraldo , one of our VetRide committee members, who is a 6 Battalion veteran .

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