Bulletin – October 2017




Electrolyte Replacement Supplements

By now you’re training for this event has begun, your bike is in good working order and preparation of your on and off the bike equipment is well underway.

The list of items that we recommended you bring included powdered form Gatorade or similar, however you may like to know why it was included.

Perspiration (women !) or sweat (men !) causes the loss of water, but also other necessary substances called electrolytes. Dissolved in your body, they enable electric conduction, that in simple terms is important for nerve and muscle function.

You will see that there is some debate about the relative benefits of the various products on the market and although drinks like Powerade and Gatorade are used a lot, their sugar (carb) content does not appeal to everyone. Lower levels of carbohydrate are also sometimes preferred and there are dis-solvable tablets made by companies such as GU, Nunn and High5Zero that are popular.





You can also go to a pharmacy and buy products like hydralyte or gastrolyte that are normally sold to those who have electrolytic imbalance caused by dehydration and illnesses like gastroenteritis, some forms of cancer and renal disease.






For more detailed information about this subject please refer to the Australian Sports Commission and the AIS website: https://www.ausport.gov.au/ais/about or view document here: AIS_Electrolyte_Fact Sheet_October 2017

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