Electric Bicycles

Let’s get stripped

Undertaking a mid-mount demands a bit more time and effort, than that for a rear hub conversion. Initially it requires tackling some of the tasks that riders often leave to their local bike shop, because they either lack the tools, expertise, or motivation. This usually includes the removal of the chain, crankset and bottom bracket, front derailleur (and in some cases the rear), and cassette. Already having the necessary tools and having previously performed these tasks I was ready to get stuck in.

There are too many ‘standards’ in bottom brackets and running gear to warrant detailing the tools and steps pertinent to the choice of moutnain bike I made. Suffice it to say that Google is your best friend in this endeavour should you choose to undertake it. There is a veritable plethora of useful tutorials on online, particularly on Youtube, that can guide you through the whole process, to get you started;

Or have the ladies over at REV Electric Cycles guide you through the whole process of fitting a Bafang Mid Drive Unit. They even sell kits that include the fitting in the price.

Having stripped his bike El Presidente has mounted his motor through the bottom bracket.

So that’s probably enough information for tonights post, this is going to be more than a single stubbie job! Join us in the next post as we begin to get in to the harder stuff of running the electrics!

1 thought on “Electric Bicycles

  1. Darren and Peter, good luck with the conversion. Perhaps we might see it for Around the Bay if we are out of Lockdown. I remember riding up a hill with a very experienced rider one day and I asked him “what was the best bike he ever owned”. Without any hesitation he replied “a Harley Davidson”. I laughed so much I nearly fell off the bike. The moral of the story – the bigger the engine the better!!!! cheers and regards,

    John Betts.

    John Betts +61 406 427 797 john.betts@optusnet.com.au



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