Committee Meeting 29 Oct 2021


10 am Thursday 29th October 2021

Four Beans Café


1. Open Meeting & Welcome – Peter Liefman

Attendees; Peter Liefman (President), Paul Beraldo(Vice-President), John Molina (Secretary), Gary Vale, Roger Greene, Darren Smith, Darren Thomas

Apologies; Lee Webb, Rhys Thomas, John Aldenhoven (Treasurer), Bernie Simmonds

2. Minutes from Previous Meeting (29th April 2021)

Motion: Moved Gary Vale, Seconded Paul Beraldo“That the Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 29thApril 2021 be approved” – CARRIED

3. Business Arising

Registration of the Treasurer and Secretary with the Insurance broker Tresidder was carried out.

4. Reports:

​President – see attached Update and Survey

Secretary – Reported that the insurance of the trailers was renewed and confirmed that VetRide has a Vic Roads registration fee exemption as part of its charitable organization status.

Treasurer – Absent

5. New Business / General Business

• Paul B requested that a letter of thanks be sent to Chris Byrne of the Yarraville Club, for its generous storage of the VetRide trailers. (Peter will draft)

• Enquire with the Insurance Coy if Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance cover has any age limits (John M)

• Peter L and Gary V continue to discuss the possibility of a collective involvement with a Defence Force linkedcycling organisation, ‘Ride2Recovery’, with future invites to our rides and the legal amalgamation proposed.

• Secretary confirmed that the Bendigo Bank account signatories have been updated.

• Rhys Thomas to visit the branch to countersign one of the Bank documents.

• Peter L advised that the Anzac Ride has been delayed until 2023 but we were assured that BN commitment to the ride is still strong. As a follow up, Peter L to contact BN and obtain updates of the 2023 ride.

• Darren S and Gary V to approach Defence Dept. with a brief to see if they would formally support a specific VetRide cycling event, and including status as an approved activity for which participation / authority to attend would be part.

• Future agendas to include Membership and Marketing as a discussion item.

• Due to the Treasurer’s current illness, Paul Bsuggested a meeting with two committee members to prepare and audit the Treasurer’s financial report for the 2020-21 financial year.

• John M to send an updated list of current committee members to Darren S for inclusion in the VetRidewebsite.

• After Peter drafts, John M to send a poll email survey to all members and past participants requesting preferences; Darren S to do likewise via website and social media.

• Through Peter Meehan, Peter L to approach Bridie O’Donnell as a possible VetRide Ambassador; subject to its being non paid role.• Darren S to update our Facebook page with our current and future rides calendar, data / information to be sourced from other ride groups, incl Qld. Sec. to identify groups..

• A motion was moved by Peter Liefman, Seconded Darren Thomas, “That VetRide adopts the Department of Health policy as per direction from the Chief Health Officer on COVID19 Mandatory Vaccination.” This will require all VetRide social and organizational event participants to exhibit valid ‘proof of vaccination’certificates.

Next meeting (to be advised.)

6. Close of meeting @ 11.15 am