Electric Bicycles

1932: Whilst not the first e-bike this image reveals the concept has bee around for a significant period of time!

Electric bicycles (e-bIkes) are rapidly becoming more mainstream rather than the remit of those with deep pockets. Take a closer look at that suit/skirt wearing individual who flew past you on the morning commute and chances are you will see the signs of an e-bike in their mount. E-Bikes are are attracting more and more people to the activity we love but, more than this, they can extend our life cycling by flattening those hills or opening up terrain we previously stayed away from.

Discussions within the committee on the future of the organisation identified the need to broaden our appeal to veterans, one suggestion was to incorporate Mountain Biking more than we have previously. Mountain biking has as many disciplines as their road cousins, whether it be trundling along a quiet gravel road, challenging yourself on some undulating single track, or hurtling down a hill (the steeper the better)! The images evoked from these descriptions can instill the perception that mountain-biking is a young man’s game or that it is only for those with the legs of Jens Voigt; in short many people will believe they can not ‘keep up’! This is where the aforementioned e-bikes can come in to play!

Many manufacturers now offer a variety of off the shelf e-bikes, from racing road-bikes and commuters to make the trip to work short/quicker. Through to cross-country mountain bikes that flatten hills and downhill thumpers that allow the rider to pedal back up that mountain. The prices on some of these will make your eyes water as you look for the internal combustion engine that you know should be included!

Just as bicycle manufacturers have created a variety of off the shelf solutions, battery electric motor manufacturers are producing different kits that allow conversion of a standard bike to an e-bike. This option is a far more wallet friendly course, particularly for those of us with an unused bike sitting in the shed (road or mountain bike).

Join us over the coming posts as El Presidente takes us on a journey as he converts one of his old mountain bikes to electric power